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"You have had a dream for so many years. Let today be the day you make a plan for it. Just think about how much more likely you are to hit your target when you finally aim at it."
— ― Steve Maraboli


☁ [sad cooing noises] 

Your attention is drawn by a very flustered bird looking for a place to land. You hold out your arm and surprisingly, the dove actually lands to show its tale. Even more surprisingly, it begins to talk.

Help! Please help! My Mayor is missing! A coolprit took him! Oh, sweet Mayor! My love! My light! My keeper!

Hoo on earth would have done this!? Toshi City will fall apart, or worse, forget all about him…

The dove lets out a few soft, humbling noises, as if it’s sobbing. Which is odd, since birds don’t have tear ducts. But maybe this one is special? Maybe it’s a mourning dove.


You spend a moment consoling the bird, and it raises its beak to you.

Coo… You would do that for me, coo? You’ll move to Toshi City? And invite all your friends, too?

Hoo! Hoo! Yes, that would be wonderful! You won’t regret it, cross my heart and hope to fly!

The dove raises a wing and tucks its head underneath it to signify its promise.

You’re not very sure what you’re getting yourself into, but… at least you’ve heard Toshi is pretty.


 ☁ Toshi City is a multi-fandom, domestic, slice-of-life roleplay with hints of mystery. Full of puzzles, uproars, and the occasional sprouting of a gang, you’ll never be bored in a place like this!

 ☁ We also accept OCs and gijinka.

 ☁ Any and all forms of roleplay styles are welcome!

              ― [ t o s h i ☁ c i t y ] |  [ r u l e s ]  |  [ m a s t e r l i s t ]  |  [ j o i n ] 


Zeno Silva… Gon Killua travesura~ 
I can’t stop


The Kudo parents acting like they’re funny when, in fact, they are not.


Favorite Ships -> Lee Yun-lee x Ju Dong-hwi, Nineteen, Tenty-one

""What I like are kind people. And of course you are one of them.
You will always be a kind person."


Favorite Ships -> Suiren Shibazeki x Kouha Kawasumi, Hibi Chouchou (xx,x)

"Kawasumi-kun, about me... will you one day... fall in love with me?"



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